Finding Comfort in Darkness (2021)

Siyolisi Bani South Africa
Rebirth (2021), edited photograph.
Belong to ourselves (2021), edited photograph.
“My job as an artist is to tell the truth in how I capture a subject’s spirit and emotions. My art is about the intersection of darkness and light in people. I am interested in creating space and distance that feels like the familiar world around us but is ambiguous, general and abstracted. In my imaginary world, I create visual sorrow and pain that intersect, overlap and steer emotions. Ultimately, I create a sense of visual distance and of the depth of darkness and light through which we can identify ourselves. I aim to create work from a place of darkness, often gravitating towards death and rebirth, beauty and decay. The aim of this work is to create awareness about the stigma, misconceptions and stereotypes about depression in Black society, and in Black men specifically.”

– Siyolisi Bani