Sebabatso C. Manoeli-Lesame

South Africa

Sebabatso C. Manoeli-Lesame is Moya's editor-in-chief. At AFRE, Sebabatso provides strategic and institutional oversight of AFRE to achieve its vision, mission and goals and supports the team to build a powerful and effective programme. Sebabatso is drawn to Moya's vision of offering snapshots of the global Black experience, and its potential to expand and complicate how we talk about being Black. She is inspired by Moya's aim to be a space for dreaming about and shaping the future, of re-examining the past, and surfacing the multiple realities Black people inhabit in the present. Prior to AFRE, Sebabatso worked in the History and African Studies departments at the University of Oxford; at DGMT, a private philanthropic foundation in Cape Town; and as a consultant for the Department of Political Affairs at the African Union. In her spare time, she enjoys writing, baking, and spending time with family.